Cell Phone Breast Cancer Lawsuits

There are reports of new lawsuits being filed by women who believe their breast cancer was caused by cell phones. Women who store their cell phone in their bra believe that may have caused them to develop breast cancer. In 2012 CBS news had a story in which doctors warned against storing breast cancer in bras. There has not been nearly as much data studies for the correlation between cell phone radiation causing breast cancer as there has been with Brain Cancer. Many advocates are calling for new studies on cell phones and an increased risk of breast cancer. There is concern that younger women and teens who are developing will be at a greater risk of developing cancer from cell phone use. Health authorities are advising the mobile users in general use a headset and speaking when using a cell phone. Also it has been advised to always keep your phone 1 inch away from your body, no not keep your cell phone in a bra or pants pocket and do not sleep with your cell phone.

There have already been a series of Cell Phone Brain Cancer lawsuits against the mobile companies for Negligent Misrepresentation, Failure To Warn, Unsafe Product And Design Defect. Plaintiffs argue that the warnings of the risks of cancer are buried in the cell phone user manuals or in complicated disclaimers. Berkeley California is considering a law where the cancer warning must be placed directly on the cell phone itself. The FCC announced in 2013 that it will reexamine radiation risks with cell phone cancer. The last such study was conducted way back in 1996.

Cell Phone Breast Cancer Lawsuits Claims

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